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You must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe since birth. 

That software no longer serves you if you want to live in a world

where all things are possible...

  ~ Jacqueline E. Purcell

Internal Makeovers for people recovering from Complex Trauma, Addiction, ADHD, Perfectionism and more...

discover, disrupt, reconnect, rewire


As a therapist based in Austin, TX, I provide individual, group and family therapy for adults wanting to make a shift in their lives.  I specialize in recovery from trauma, addiction and anxiety and also have extensive experience working with people struggling with perfectionism, mood disorders, identity and relational issues.  My hope is to foster a nurturing, safe and collaborative relationship where you feel free and empowered to explore and experience whatever is necessary for you to move forward in your journey.



This retreat has been developed to provide an opportunity for identifying women to take a deeper dive into themselves and work toward healing trauma at the cellular level.  Approaching trauma through a neurobiological lens, the retreat offers both educational and experiential components that support shifts from the “bottom up,” leading to sustainable change. For anyone feeling stuck in a trauma response or old reactive patterns, this retreat offers a natural and integrative approach that guides you in restoring balance and regulation in body, mind and spirit.


As an experienced facilitator in various settings, in addition to anxiety and breathwork, I offer workshops and intensive trainings that promote mindfulness, resilience,  stress reduction, interpersonal communication and connection. My diverse background brings a wide range of educational, experiential, and exploratory processes that engage 

participants and enchance their ability to internalize the information.  I place emphasis on providing practical tools and strategies that participants can walk away with and begin to apply immediately on their own.


Short Version:

My journey began as a child growing up in an alcoholic household.  I spent years and years battling with depression, self-hatred, shame, volatile relationships and many other things.  Much of my life was spent looking for some way to fix myself, whether through a high profile job or an intimate relationship - I just wanted to feel worthy.  Somewhere along the way, one of my mentors told me that I wasn’t broken, and that I had everything I needed to heal within.  Really?  How can that be? 


Through therapy, spiritual practices, meditation, and body-based practices, I discovered the truth in their words, and finally had become empowered to drive my own healing process across multiple levels.   As a therapist based in Austin, TX, this self-empowerment is what I hope my clients take away from our time together...



Integrative Therapeutic Services 

Located at:  Creekside Whole Health Center

1209 Parkway

Austin, TX  78703


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