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Integrative Somatic Breathwork

Next workshop TBD

Austin, TX


A transformational process into your deeper self to heal old wounds and

gain understanding of who you really are, bringing sacredness and sense of purpose back into life.


The Integrative Breathwork process utilizes accelerated breathing, evocative music and energy releasing bodywork to assist us in working in an expanded state of consciousness. With one’s intrinsic wisdom guiding the process, healing takes place by the full experiencing of what’s emerging and the releasing of what’s no longer needed.  This allows us to better experience and integrate these deeper parts of self in our effort to move toward wholeness.


The types of experiences we can have in a breathwork session span a broad spectrum and are guided by the Inner Healer that is present in each of us; the aspect of self that is consistently attempting to move us toward healing and wholeness.  When the psyche feels safe enough, it will bring forward whatever unresolved issues are needed for healing at this time.  This method has the potential to access “cellular memory” where any suffering that still exists in body/mind resides as well as carry us into the expansive collective mind of humanity that is connected to universal spiritual teachings.  This process provides a setting for individuals to utilize the healing potential of expanded states of consciousness in a way that allows for sustainable change.

Components of a Breathwork Experience



In this practice, the breath is the vehicle that moves you into an expanded state of consciousness. There is not a specific technique as you often find in yogic and breathwork practices, but simply a deeper faster breath without pauses in between the inhale and exhale. This circular breathing helps oxygenate the body and coupled with the music begins to move you into your personal journey.



Loud evocative music accompanies the breath and is designed to assist your journey into the inner worlds. The frequency of the music works with the natural vibration of the physical body and moves you through various levels of inner consciousness. The music enhances your ability to connect internally with the energy of the issues that need healing at this time.


Mandala Art Work

Following your breathing session, you have the opportunity to create symbolic artwork as a nonverbal expression of your experience. This process provides a way to anchor and express your experience in expanded consciousness and signals the beginning of integrating the work into ordinary consciousness.

Psychospiritual Group Process

Following the breathwork sessions, we will come together in a smaller group to give you an opportunity to begin putting words to your experience and continue to integrate your experience.  You will be able to process as little or as much content as you would like.



Who Can Benefit?

Anyone experiencing...

  • Critical Life Transitions

  • Addictive or Codependent Patterns

  • Depression, Chronic Stress

  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks

  • A Loss of Meaning and Purpose in Life

  • Recovery from Addiction

  • Stuck in Old Patterns and Feelings

  • Trauma Stuck in the Body

  • Loss of Direction

  • Spiritual Disconnection

  • Perfectionism and Critical Self Talk


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